How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Past Perfectionism

March 22, 2021 Christine Lieu Season 3 Episode 52
How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Past Perfectionism
Show Notes

In today’s episode, ditch the overwhelm and learn easy ways to show up as your full self, all the time.  It’s not about showing up perfectly, it’s about showing up. Easier said than done. Tune in to try out some tools that will bring you to an even deeper awareness of yourself in any given moment and help you get out of your own way.  Do you struggle with performance anxiety or speaking your truth in front of others without word vomiting? Are you a recovering perfectionist or exhausted by overwhelm? Christine and Chantal (@chantalstaffabb) will have the next steps of your self-growth journey mapped out by the end of this episode.

Chantal Stafford-Abbott, founder of The Deep Space has worked as an international fashion model for over a decade living in NYC, Paris, London, and other fashion capitals of the world. She moved back to Montreal in 2017 to pursue her studies in Human Relations at Concordia, and founded The Deep Space that year. The Deep Space is a monthly conversation series that helps open-minded people who want to explore common experiences through safe and non-judgmental conversations in a community setting. Her mission is to create safe spaces for human conversations in modern settings.

What to Listen For 

  • Time to Dive Deep. Why having a safe space to have deep conversations is so transformative to personal growth. (7:23) 
  • Flex your Muscles! (10:40) Making your way back to authenticity by checking in with this sense.
  • Do you have performance anxiety? This mantra is a gamechanger. (14:22) 
  • Under Pressure? Here are 3 tips to kick overwhelm’s butt to the curb. (16:44)

Resources From This Episode:
The Next Deep Space Conversation
Learn more about the Make Lemonade community Chantal & I met at.
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