#5MinuteMonday: How to Protect Yourself Against Bad Clients

March 01, 2021 Christine Lieu Season 3 Episode 49
#5MinuteMonday: How to Protect Yourself Against Bad Clients
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we’re talking about something that isn’t talked about enough in business: The Bad Apples. When we have a not-so-great experience with a not-so-great client, there can be sadness, feelings of failure, or maybe you want to forget about it and move the heck on. There is learning even in the tough stuff. This #5MinuteMonday is a reminder that you are not alone. Bad apples are everywhere and everyone who runs a business has had a bad client. You can feel assured after listening today that you’ll have what you need to get through those difficult moments, stand your ground, shake it off like T. Swift, and how to only bob for good apples in the future.

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Christine is the founder of CL Designs and the host of Brand Party Podcast. Christine has traded in climbing the corporate ladder for climbing mountains around the world. She helps social impact businesses and nonprofits create your bold legacy through cohesive branding, web design, and social content creation to increase your funding opportunities and sales. Saying no to dull and clunky visuals and yes to consistency, creativity and efficiency form the core of her approach. 

What to Listen For 

  • You’re not alone. Have any of these questionable client situations happened to you? (1:52)
  • What do I do next? 3 steps to deal with a bad client without ripping your hair out. (2:32)
  • Red flags are flying! The question you need to ask yourself to protect yourself in the future. (3:43)
  • Quick Recap: Write these down on a sticky note for later.  (4:11)


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