Do Right by People and They’ll Do Right By You

February 22, 2021 Christine Lieu Season 3 Episode 48
Do Right by People and They’ll Do Right By You
Show Notes

In today’s episode, lean into the conversation of resilience and building a business through obstacles and hardship as Chieff shares his journey of building a business during a global pandemic. It takes great leadership, problem-solving on the fly, and massive amounts of resilience to start and run a business in the best of times, and even more so now. Christine and Chieff (@goaskchieff) also dive deep into the importance of having a community behind you and how supporting your community can come back to you tenfold.

Chieff Bosompra is a results-driven person with a creative eye and expansive imagination. He uses 7+ years of creative management and data analytics to help businesses tell engaging stories about their brand identity, services, and products. He's also the founder of Undisposable and Aunty Lucy's Burgers.

What to Listen For 

  • Learn from Your Mistakes. Honing in on clarity when your brand is close to your heart. (4:30)
  • Follow the Leader. How to lead and empower as your company grows. (5:14)
  • Be real.  Why transparency and authenticity will always perform better than Instagram hype. (10:23) 
  • This is WILD!!! Listen to this journey of overcoming hardship and building resilience while growing a business from scratch during a global pandemic. (12:01)
  • Not just a hashtag. The top ways we can best support BIPOC businesses. (17:38)

Resources From This Episode:
Undisposable PUMA collab
Aunty Lucys Feature in The Toronto Star
Protect & Grow Your Business With Contracts That Work As Hard As You Do
Support a BIPOC business and rep some Aunty Lucy's merch

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