Honest Reasons Why Freelancing is Actually Worth It

January 25, 2021 Christine Lieu Season 3 Episode 44
Honest Reasons Why Freelancing is Actually Worth It
Show Notes

In today’s episode, discover how to find a legitimate mentor or coach who can help take your freelance life to the next level. Check the receipts. There’s a lot of fakers out there. And let’s be clear about one thing, even though you are flying solo, you don’t have to do this freelance thing on your own. Don’t miss Christine and Jasmine (@jasminewilliamsmedia) chatting about the benefits of finding support and asking for support within the freelance community.  Life’s always better when someone’s got your back. Plus, you’ll hear Jasmine’s incredible freelance journey and a first-hand account of how she found the perfect mentor for her and action-packed tips on how you can do it too.

Jasmine Williams is an award-winning writer, content marketing expert, and the founder of Jasmine Williams Media, a boutique content marketing consultancy serving a global roster of industry-leading companies and visionaries. Jasmine helps creative entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and growth-stage startups launch and grow their businesses with strategic storytelling.

What to Listen For: 

  • What was scary then is not scary now. How Jasmine got the courage to do this. (6:11)
  • This is the Holy Grail. Finding the perfect mentor is not impossible with these 3 tips. (7:45)
  • You can Google til the cows come home but it won’t give you this and TBH, you need it. (9:39)
  • Don’t get it twisted. The subtle and not-so-subtle difference between coach and mentor. (11:27)
  • Who do you want on this roller coaster ride with you? Finding support and seeking support while you’re flying solo. (13:31)

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