Pitch Perfect - Why Your Story Needs to Be Seen and Heard

January 11, 2021 Christine Lieu Season 3 Episode 42
Pitch Perfect - Why Your Story Needs to Be Seen and Heard
Show Notes

In today’s episode, discover why your story truly matters to the world. Truly! And it always has. Jump on in and listen to how you can use your unique, beautiful story to get more eyes on you and your brand, fast. Christine and Jennifer (@shesnewsworthy) chat about why authenticity is a major player for your brand getting featured in the media, and how to pitch perfectly to actually get the media coverage you deserve. Plus, cultivating a strong mindset that can serve you from a TV segment to closing a sale is closer than you might have guessed.

Jennifer Singh is a former TV reporter turned PR Strategist, Media Coach and entrepreneur. She has more than 15 years of experience working in the Canadian media industry as a producer, writer, and reporter for CTV, Global, CP24 and the CBC. Jennifer founded She’s Newsworthy Media to help amplify the voices of women in the media because their expertise is underrepresented. 

What to Listen For 

  • Let your story shine. These key actions will get you out of imposter syndrome & comparison stat. (3:25) 
  • Eeek. This might scare the crap out of you. What’s the right outlet for your story? (5:48)
  • Your story is not for everyone. 3 things you can include in your media pitch to ensure your story lands in the right hands. (8:25)
  • Do you have a fresh story? Inclusive marketing and allyship in media are hot right now but let’s not stop there. (11:39) 
  • Under fire. The action we can take to ensure our media is representative, inclusive, and diverse. (14:55)

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